Hanging On

It used to be that I could say, your love was more beautiful and life-giving, than the sun shining its magnificent rays, taking every cloud in the sky away. It used to be that I could say, that I’d choose to be wrapped in your arms, above anything else I could do in my day! But, then, all of a sudden, a storm came in, dropping an abundance of rain. I never believed that the hovering clouds had the power, nor, the ability, to steal you away. No, I believe it was your reaction to deal with those hardships, that you choose to let fear and stress, overtake the beauty that lies within you, to become your giant, above your faith!

For, there was a day, that I could say, that I’d never believe, nor, accept anything to have the capability to steal our love away! So precious, so innocent, so true. How is it that the storms of life can take every part of how I know you? I can only answer that by saying, that you allow them to! Maybe, you just don’t see, maybe you just don’t understand? I thought you would have realized, better yet, fought for our love, when you started feeling the slipping of my hands! Maybe, you will continue looking at everything that is going wrong, thinking your road is far worse, than everyone else just doing their best, to keep going, to keep continuing on!

Well, I must tell you that there are far worse roads to travel in life! There are far more hardships, struggles, dilemmas, even sicknesses that have no cure in sight! If you take what’s going on, choosing fear and stress to direct you, making them your god, then even the simplest, to most profound blessings in your life, will be unnoticed! So much so, that, by the time you look back in an effort to retrieve them-they will only prove to be like a faded memory-forever gone!

So, its really up to you-the way you handle your life is entirely up to you! You have one of two choices, will you embrace the many blessings around you, will you keep the faith, trusting Jesus to handle every storm, and retain all the special qualities that He chose for YOU? All, the many reason I fell in love with you? Or, will you continue to be sunk in to the dread and misery that has it’s power, only by you?

You see, Jesus is the way, He provides our light! He made you who you are! He guides every step that you take in your life! But, if you try to solve your own problems, if you rely solely on you to get through the many things that are not going right-You will be giving your power to our Fathers enemy-the one who destroys everything-the one who wants nothing better than for you to give up on your faith, to give up on the Only One who can make things better, far beyond, just alright! It’s up to you, that is, which one you choose to be the god of you! I am praying with all my heart, for you to choose the Way that your soul already knows to be true! I am praying that His light will take ahold of you! That you will run back, into His arms, and, never again, let anything take so much control over you. That you will, never again let your fears strip you of what you already know to be true! Take off the blindfold, walk into the arms of the One who choose you! Please, show me the man I fell in love with, the man who I know and belive with all my heart as real and true!

Come back to me, I’m waiting for you! My tears will map the direction of where it is you left me, not knowing what to do. You see, I cannot see you, I cannot watch you make gods of what you should know to be untrue! So, until you choose the One who is real, until you choose the One who holds all truth, I will be laying here, hoping for YOU!

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