Step Out

“I am participating in the writing contest:  You Deserve to be Inspired.  Hosted by Postive Writer.  I grew up the youngest of my siblings.  I have an older brother, and an older sister.  My mother was always very detached and unavailable.  My father was faith-filled, but more into the religious scope of things, than what I truly felt was the true nature of what heaven and Jesus are truly all about.  I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, and she was the one who would notice something, something that I would not even grasp about myself, until later on in life.  She told me point blank, “You are different.  Be careful about what you share with people, because they may not understand you.  But, realize that you have gifts.” She encouraged me, and truly saw me for who I was. 

I am not sure how it all began, but I have always had a heart for people.  I am usually the person that observes things that most others don’t see, or fail to recognize.  I have a huge heart for people, and usually see when I need to step up and say something, lend a hand, or just provide some encouragement in some way.  This is also what led me to write.  We do all have a voice in some way, and we truly need to use it. 

I am an avid believer that we were all created for a purpose. We all have unique qualities, unique gifts, and talents that make up our design. We will never truly know what they are, until we do what is deep inside of us-our passion. That longing that screams within us. 

Everyone that knows me, knows that I am full of faith. I have always lived by this! So, after years of feeling stagnant, and feeling that there was something more for me to do elsewhere, I decided to step out. I was always feeling a pull, that I had something else to do. That I needed to get up and move. I was working as a health care reviewer, making a very descent salary, but I knew it wasn’t the four so-called walls that I was supposed to be enclosed in.

My husband and I had visited an area in the south in the summer of 2011, and we had met so many amazing people. We visited only for a week, but in that week, it was filled with what I call “divine connections.” People you never dream of meeting. I have always had a heart for ministry and missions, and our whole trip pointed in that direction. In fact, on our way back, a woman on the plane that sat next to us in our three-isle seat, ended up talking to us for the whole 3 hour flight. Upon exited the plane, she followed me in the woman’s bathroom, and told me that she was going to place something in my pocket for my ministry and not to look at it until she left. Later, after she had left, I realized it was a $100 bill!

Fast forward to September of 2015, my husband and I decided to put our house on the market. It was a big choice for both of us. We were leaving all we knew. Our family, our childhood neighborhood, our livelihood-our comfort zone-to venture out into the unknown. The house sold in July of 2016. 

From the trip down to arriving, we have had such an array of experiences! Needless to say, we did not hand-pick a place to live before hand, as we wanted to scout the area. So, for six days, we were stuck in a hotel. I believe this was teaching us 1) just how serious we were about the move, and 2) trusting if we were going to preserve and believe!

By day seven, we found a temporary rental. A beautiful one right by the ocean. What we didn’t know when we moved was that the ocean was close, but it would not be a “regular” place for us to go to. When I say this, I say this because we had work to do. Never did we dream what kind we were up for either!

It took us a month and a half to establish our business with licensing and all of the requirements needed for it. We decided on an llc, and a name that many would undoubtedly know, we are followers of Christ. 

I can say that our business was booming when it started. We were favored among all of the competition. People loved our quality of work, and everyone wanted to use us. Then, at the beginning of the year, things slowed down. I didn’t quite understand it, but I just had to trust there was a reason for it. 

What I can say, is with any business, you will have to make your presence known, and preservere through many obstacles at times. There will always be competitors, but it is the person who stands strong in the end that matters. 

We have also had the time to venture out with new ideas. When you have down time, it gives you time to recharge and rethink through things. Sometimes, there is a completely different direction to take. Failure is never failure unless you quit! 

What I have learned is that the Lord had a plan. We live in an area where most people seem to have everything, but being rich, does not always mean you are not poor. There is such a lack of love in our area. Love for wealth, but not for what matters-people. We have been in homes where the husband and wives lead totally separate lives. But when we left, we didn’t leave them that way. No, we used the opportunity we had to bring “light” into their darkness. We have had strangers come up to us and share with us about trials that they are going through, and been able to talk with them for hours! We met a homeless women whom we helped, who now has 3 jobs! And our neighbor, whom we had been praying for, who has a little girl, who was arguing with her ex-husband, and having all night drinking parties-she is now back together with her husband, and no longer having those parties!   The list goes on! God had a plan, and He is faithful! All we needed to do was step out! It’s all about seeking and saving the lost. Being a light in the darkness.

The three positive things that I have learned are 1) To press on despite obstacles. 2) Never let fear get in the way of your dreams. And, 3) Find someone to reach out to and encourage in some way every day-there is always someone who needs love! 


About hopebeyonditall

I am an aspiring writer. My goal is to write many books, with my first one gearing towards a devotional book of sorts! If there is one thing this world needs more of, it's hope beyond it all! I believe we are all here for a specific plan (purpose). We are God's workmanship and should do our best to fulfill his plan, letting Him guide our lives each and everyday. Life is too short to keep going through the motions, feeling things will never change. We need to step out and explore each and every opportunity we feel passionate about. We need to count our blessings, not our misfortunes. When we give our gifts away by sharing them with others, God multiplies those gifts! We all need each other in some way and should always be looking for a way to extend ourselves to others. Whether it be encouragement, a helping hand, or, simply taking the time to listen and be there for someone-Our goal should be to strive to be that person! Two are stronger, and better, than one, on any given day. Take time to smell the roses!!! If you always say that you can't do something, you never will. The only way you will ever know if you can do something, is to put yourself out there, and try! If you fail in something, get back up, your success is just behind another door, but you must keep percervering and moving along to find it! We are all unique, special, and gifted in our own way-we all have something beautiful to add to life. Let your light shine and your smile! Smiles melt hearts! Be who you are, love who you are, and be true to you! You are a gift, whether others see it or not, know this, believe this! If people don't take the time to know you, before judging you, they are the ones' who are missing out! We should all learn to listen, take advice, accept change, and be willing to be streched beyond our comfort zone, for, that is how we grow! Growth provides wisdom, wisdom provides knowledge, and knowledge provides and abudance of opportunities, for not just yourself, but others! If you plant a seed in someone else's life, you will find that seed will continue to grow! Let's make a difference and touch this world with hope, peace, and love. If you think something is within reach, or, if something is being "spoken" into your heart, it's worth searching for. Have the faith to search and seek it out. Be the blessing you were made to be!!!
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