Your Masterpiece

It’s hard to paint a picture in life,  if you lack the depth within
yourself,  to uncover the image you must project .  For, you must use the guidance of
vision, far beyond your eyes, allowing yourself to be uncovered,  opening up wide,  stretching  far to reach inside,  to uncover all that is seeping  inside.

If you are an artist,  so often times you have an edge.  Something that defines the work that you produce, something that reveals what’s inside of you.  For, if you
choose to be closed, escaping parts of your life-You’ll have
trouble producing the image that gives artwork its beauty, that gives artwork its breathtaking sight.  The artist must have the desire to be real, not
fake.  Nor, guarded by what others may think or say, about any of the
images they sketch, and put out in the open, for display.  Just like in
life we must be real and true, to all that we were created for.  For, everything we step out
and  reach out in our imagination, in our dreams,  to do.

For, if we hide  behind walls, or, agree with others to the point that they make
decisions for us that we should choose, or,  if we live a life of
pretend and don’t ever reach inside to produce what’s real-We will escape
this life, and, close the door, to what seals the deal on our true fate
meant for our life, we will close the door on what is real, and true!

Be challenged to speak out in a clear voice if you disagree!  If others compromise values that are richly imbedded in your  beliefs!  Be the one that stands up for others’
that have not yet found their inner strength. If you had a bad day don’t  just
play it safe by saying “Everything’s okay”, even though it may be what others” may like. For, if they are challenged by hearing this, it utters their true
desire, that they just don’t want to take the time away from their life .  They don’t want to take the time, out of their selfishness, to realize the importance that others’ bring, by being a”light” in their troublesome times.

Speak out in a clear voice!  Always be up-front and true!  Never comprise the values that are deeply imbedded, inside of you. Better for someone to reject you for who you really
are, than to please people, living your life for others’, letting your true purpose, be left ajar.

It’s true that there’s far more to discover on the inside, than the appearance, with which, you are viewed from, the outside.   But, each create a beauty, an image that you display-Be the masterpiece-the perfect work of art- that God sought you out to be each day!


About hopebeyonditall

I am an aspiring writer. My goal is to write many books, with my first one gearing towards a devotional book of sorts! If there is one thing this world needs more of, it's hope beyond it all! I believe we are all here for a specific plan (purpose). We are God's workmanship and should do our best to fulfill his plan, letting Him guide our lives each and everyday. Life is too short to keep going through the motions, feeling things will never change. We need to step out and explore each and every opportunity we feel passionate about. We need to count our blessings, not our misfortunes. When we give our gifts away by sharing them with others, God multiplies those gifts! We all need each other in some way and should always be looking for a way to extend ourselves to others. Whether it be encouragement, a helping hand, or, simply taking the time to listen and be there for someone-Our goal should be to strive to be that person! Two are stronger, and better, than one, on any given day. Take time to smell the roses!!! If you always say that you can't do something, you never will. The only way you will ever know if you can do something, is to put yourself out there, and try! If you fail in something, get back up, your success is just behind another door, but you must keep percervering and moving along to find it! We are all unique, special, and gifted in our own way-we all have something beautiful to add to life. Let your light shine and your smile! Smiles melt hearts! Be who you are, love who you are, and be true to you! You are a gift, whether others see it or not, know this, believe this! If people don't take the time to know you, before judging you, they are the ones' who are missing out! We should all learn to listen, take advice, accept change, and be willing to be streched beyond our comfort zone, for, that is how we grow! Growth provides wisdom, wisdom provides knowledge, and knowledge provides and abudance of opportunities, for not just yourself, but others! If you plant a seed in someone else's life, you will find that seed will continue to grow! Let's make a difference and touch this world with hope, peace, and love. If you think something is within reach, or, if something is being "spoken" into your heart, it's worth searching for. Have the faith to search and seek it out. Be the blessing you were made to be!!!
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