What’s Behind the Door?

What’s behind the door? Are you anxious to see? Are you wanting the 
answers too quickly in life? Are you wanting something to progress, 
or, happen, that cannot yet be? Are you so caught up in the what-ifs, 
what’s next, or, even the maybe’s, that you are missing out, on what 
is now, in the present? The very things that you should see? Are you 
to busy looking ahead, to the future, that you are missing out, on 
where you are now, on vital things that are there, that you are to 
“wrapped up”; therefore, you are blind to see? For, you only have the 
“here and now”, to explore the very things that you can accomplish,  
the very things you wish to seek out to be.
It’s okay to be curious, about where your life may go, about, your 
life’s plan. However, it can become dangerous, if you don’t see the 
“right here”, the “right now”, and what is presently adherent, and, in 
need of your full attention, to comprehend! You see, life teaches us 
to hurry and rush, to be constantly looking ahead, and, never to slow 
down, lest you lose your place! But, what it doesn’t teach us, is that 
most times, when, we move this fast, we don’t see the importance and 
relevance of the very gifts and opportunities that are right in front 
of us, before it’s too late!
Life can be fast-paced, but not so much so, that we don’t take the 
time to seek out God, to see what He is wanting to say, to take the 
time to pray, and, to meditate on the very things that He may speaking 
out to say!
We must take the time to be able to slow down. We must take the time 
to smell the roses, appreciate the beauty, capture every little 
blessing, and be truly thankful for the people who Jesus choose for 
your life to surround! So, if you feel that your life is lacking moving 
up and moving ahead. That you lack the ups, that your abundance lyes 
more so, in being let down. That you feel as you cannot understand why 
you are going thru, what you are going thru, that your life is in a 
whirlwind, turning round and round. Maybe, you are just hoping and 
wishing, for your current set of circumstances, to turn around. Either 
way, whatever it is, know that God is there, He is ever-present in the 
ups, as much as in your times, of being let down. Know and trust that 
He is there in every step you take, each change, and each new course, 
or, direction that your life is mapped out to take. Let Him be your 
guide to the next step you must make in life, let Him be your guide, 
to the next door you should seek, to the next door you are to open, 
and proceed to go thru. For, only Jesus holds the keys, the answers to 
your life. Trust Him, trust His guidance, that He will give you all 
the answers that are needed, each and every day of your life. He will 
direct you in all the decisions you are to explore, in all the 
opportunities you must choose!
What’s behind the door, what’s your next step in life? The answers may 
not yet be there, the timing for you to uncover this, the timing for 
you to know, may not yet be right. Don’t get caught up in the worry, 
or, the anticipation of what is to come. Jesus is the Only One who 
holds all these answers, trust that whatever will be, will be. Have 
the faith, that His will in your life, will be accomplished, that He 
will bless your road ahead, that He will uncover all that you are 
desiring to see! That, with His guidance, the best is yet to come! For 
now, live for today, live with the assurance and the hope, that each 
day prepares the way, for what’s behind the door, each day prepares 
the way for and provides the very answers, to what your life is to 



About hopebeyonditall

I am an aspiring writer. My goal is to write many books, with my first one gearing towards a devotional book of sorts! If there is one thing this world needs more of, it's hope beyond it all! I believe we are all here for a specific plan (purpose). We are God's workmanship and should do our best to fulfill his plan, letting Him guide our lives each and everyday. Life is too short to keep going through the motions, feeling things will never change. We need to step out and explore each and every opportunity we feel passionate about. We need to count our blessings, not our misfortunes. When we give our gifts away by sharing them with others, God multiplies those gifts! We all need each other in some way and should always be looking for a way to extend ourselves to others. Whether it be encouragement, a helping hand, or, simply taking the time to listen and be there for someone-Our goal should be to strive to be that person! Two are stronger, and better, than one, on any given day. Take time to smell the roses!!! If you always say that you can't do something, you never will. The only way you will ever know if you can do something, is to put yourself out there, and try! If you fail in something, get back up, your success is just behind another door, but you must keep percervering and moving along to find it! We are all unique, special, and gifted in our own way-we all have something beautiful to add to life. Let your light shine and your smile! Smiles melt hearts! Be who you are, love who you are, and be true to you! You are a gift, whether others see it or not, know this, believe this! If people don't take the time to know you, before judging you, they are the ones' who are missing out! We should all learn to listen, take advice, accept change, and be willing to be streched beyond our comfort zone, for, that is how we grow! Growth provides wisdom, wisdom provides knowledge, and knowledge provides and abudance of opportunities, for not just yourself, but others! If you plant a seed in someone else's life, you will find that seed will continue to grow! Let's make a difference and touch this world with hope, peace, and love. If you think something is within reach, or, if something is being "spoken" into your heart, it's worth searching for. Have the faith to search and seek it out. Be the blessing you were made to be!!!
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