Almost There

You’ve climbed the mountain, you’re almost to the top. As you move to 
reach even further, do you begin to question, that you may not be 
exactly where you pictured, that you may not be exactly where you 
want? Or, do you want to climb even further, yet, the obstacles seem 
to have become greater, and your strength is being tested in such a 
way, you feel as if you want to give up, possibly, even climb the 
opposite way?
For, you’ve been in the desert, you accomplished and conquered all 
that was there, that you needed to see. So, you made it thru the 
desert, then you were set free. You then got to a road, yet it had a 
fork, determining which direction that you would choose, determing the 
very course, to where your life would lead. You prayed hard, you 
prayed long, to decifer which road you should travel on. Though it may 
not have been easy, though there was struggles to get thru, you prayed 
and are 100% sure, you were on the right road. You are 100% sure you 
experienced, all that was there, that you were meant to see. For, you know and believe that you 
traveled that road, to the very best of your ability! You accomplished 
all the obstacles and challenges. You learned, from that experience, 
all that was there, that you were meant to see.
You’ve been tested, tried, tempted, hurt with lies. You’ve grown, 
you’ve strengthened, inside. You’ve relied on the One, the very One, 
who brought you thru, each and every time. You acknowledge His 
truths’, as the only real way to go, the only real way, to discover 
your purpose, your direction, in life.
So, here you are, climbing up the mountain, trying to make it to the top? You have overcome much, yet,  you are still, not exactly right where you want. You see a glimpse of 
what may be. You see a glimpse, of light, encompassing, the very place  
you are striving to get to, the very place you are meant to be. 
Yet, so much still needs to happen. Yet, so much still needs to be 
done, before you reach the top of the mountain. Before, you are 
encompassed completely in that light. Before, your victory is won, for 
all to see!
The events seem to be unfolding, one by one, leading you to the very 
answers to the questions, you have wanted to know for so long! Maybe, 
you’re scared, maybe, you are afraid. Maybe, the current events, are 
not exactly the way you expected them to be, maybe they are not your “ideal” way. Maybe,  there’s more struggles, maybe there’s more pain involved, until you 
get to that point of gain. Until you get to the very place, you’ve long 
desired to be! Well, they say that nothing good comes easy. Nothing 
worth fighting for, just appears in your lap, magically. Go for the 
prize, climb that mountain, until you get to the top. Take the risks 
necessary, having the faith, knowing and believing, you will get 
there. Don’t give up, don’t worry, don’t fear! Finish the course, run 
the race, climb that mountain until you reach the top. Don’t you dare 
stop! Your prize is there to be won! Don’t ever believe you were made 
for anything less-give it all you’ve got!!!!


About hopebeyonditall

I am an aspiring writer. My goal is to write many books, with my first one gearing towards a devotional book of sorts! If there is one thing this world needs more of, it's hope beyond it all! I believe we are all here for a specific plan (purpose). We are God's workmanship and should do our best to fulfill his plan, letting Him guide our lives each and everyday. Life is too short to keep going through the motions, feeling things will never change. We need to step out and explore each and every opportunity we feel passionate about. We need to count our blessings, not our misfortunes. When we give our gifts away by sharing them with others, God multiplies those gifts! We all need each other in some way and should always be looking for a way to extend ourselves to others. Whether it be encouragement, a helping hand, or, simply taking the time to listen and be there for someone-Our goal should be to strive to be that person! Two are stronger, and better, than one, on any given day. Take time to smell the roses!!! If you always say that you can't do something, you never will. The only way you will ever know if you can do something, is to put yourself out there, and try! If you fail in something, get back up, your success is just behind another door, but you must keep percervering and moving along to find it! We are all unique, special, and gifted in our own way-we all have something beautiful to add to life. Let your light shine and your smile! Smiles melt hearts! Be who you are, love who you are, and be true to you! You are a gift, whether others see it or not, know this, believe this! If people don't take the time to know you, before judging you, they are the ones' who are missing out! We should all learn to listen, take advice, accept change, and be willing to be streched beyond our comfort zone, for, that is how we grow! Growth provides wisdom, wisdom provides knowledge, and knowledge provides and abudance of opportunities, for not just yourself, but others! If you plant a seed in someone else's life, you will find that seed will continue to grow! Let's make a difference and touch this world with hope, peace, and love. If you think something is within reach, or, if something is being "spoken" into your heart, it's worth searching for. Have the faith to search and seek it out. Be the blessing you were made to be!!!
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