“Do It Afraid”

“Do It Afraid”

Is there something that you’re fearful of?  Does this fear that you have, seem to block your life’s pathway?

Fear is a stumbling block to the potential that God designed for your life to display!  It’s created by the one who despises God, the very one who desires that you give up on God, on your beliefs that He can overcome any hinderance, any addiction, any vice, or, any battle that comes your way! 

For, fear leads to nothingness.  It only proves to bring its company of friends along-if you do not know who they are-they are worry, anxiety, depression, sadness, and the overcoming misery and dread, that add to accomplish making you feel that your self-worth, will never amount to succeed at the very dreams that your heart displays!  The very dreams that God gave you, to plant His seed of direction!  The dreams that add to the beauty of who He made you to be.  For, Jesus is the One who intricately molded you in His image.  He is the One, who sets you apart from the world!  The One who wants to take and heal you of the very things that are blocking your way!

So, what is it that you fear?  Is it that you will not be accepted for who you are?  Is it that you are afraid that you will never amount to anything, because of mistakes from you past that you continue to carry around?  Do you take ownership of them in the present, wearing them like scars?  Or, are you fearful to “Get out There”, fearful of taking risks, fearful of driving forward towards your dreams?  Are you always thinking and believing  that your dreams are unattainable, thinking they seem so far?  Thinking that, to obtain them, it would be so very hard? 

Wake up, sit up straight, get out there-risk making mistakes!  For, there should be one thing apparent-if you do not try, if you do not take a risk-that is the ultimate mistake!  Sure, you may fail, but, true failure is never giving anything your best try.  So, go for it!  What is really at stake?  If you don’t make it, let’s face it, we grow and obtain wisdom through our mistakes:)  But, should you succeed, you will be able to encourage others to get out there.  You will be an example to them, teaching them to never ever give up, to keep on going, no matter what it takes!!!

Most good things in life come from hard work, perseverance, and challenges that we must accept along the way.  We must be willing to “Step out of the Box”, we must be willing to broaden our thought process, trusting God’s direction, every step of the way.  We must let Him lead the way!  We must accept changes that happen during this process.  For, changes must occur in our lives, to strip us of things that no longer belong, things we must be willing to let go of, to clear God’s pathway!  Remember, He promises to give you more blessings, more than your mind has the capability to display!

So, what are you truly afraid of?  If you trust in your Father, if you believe that He created you for a purpose, take that fear/fears, hand them over to Him today!  Then, replace that open area in your mind, with an overflowing abundance of faith!  The faith that God will drive through anything that is holding you back.  The faith that God will make a way!  The faith that you are stronger than any wall, barrier, stronghold, or, any fear, if God is directing your course each day!

What are you waiting for?  Stand up straight-get out there-take risks-let Jesus be your guide!  He will never fail you!  He will bring you to the very dream in your heart.  For, it was He who planted that seed inside of you.  Don’t choose to let fear lock that seed inside!  It’s time to believe, it’s time to get out and live for the purpose for which you were made.  Trust and know that Jesus is right there waiting.  Trust and know that He is right by your side!

The time is now-to unlock the treasures inside of you-to unlock the gifts that you’ve been hiding-the time is now to set them out for display!  As you let your fears go and show the truth of who you are, watch as your life begins unfolding your many talents, the very ones that fear blocked, making them appear so far away!  Watch, as you finally begin to see things more clearly.  Watch as you obtain the direction of your course in life-once fear is stripped and, forever, thrown away!  Choose the life that God intended for you-“Do It Afraid”!


About hopebeyonditall

I am an aspiring writer. My goal is to write many books, with my first one gearing towards a devotional book of sorts! If there is one thing this world needs more of, it's hope beyond it all! I believe we are all here for a specific plan (purpose). We are God's workmanship and should do our best to fulfill his plan, letting Him guide our lives each and everyday. Life is too short to keep going through the motions, feeling things will never change. We need to step out and explore each and every opportunity we feel passionate about. We need to count our blessings, not our misfortunes. When we give our gifts away by sharing them with others, God multiplies those gifts! We all need each other in some way and should always be looking for a way to extend ourselves to others. Whether it be encouragement, a helping hand, or, simply taking the time to listen and be there for someone-Our goal should be to strive to be that person! Two are stronger, and better, than one, on any given day. Take time to smell the roses!!! If you always say that you can't do something, you never will. The only way you will ever know if you can do something, is to put yourself out there, and try! If you fail in something, get back up, your success is just behind another door, but you must keep percervering and moving along to find it! We are all unique, special, and gifted in our own way-we all have something beautiful to add to life. Let your light shine and your smile! Smiles melt hearts! Be who you are, love who you are, and be true to you! You are a gift, whether others see it or not, know this, believe this! If people don't take the time to know you, before judging you, they are the ones' who are missing out! We should all learn to listen, take advice, accept change, and be willing to be streched beyond our comfort zone, for, that is how we grow! Growth provides wisdom, wisdom provides knowledge, and knowledge provides and abudance of opportunities, for not just yourself, but others! If you plant a seed in someone else's life, you will find that seed will continue to grow! Let's make a difference and touch this world with hope, peace, and love. If you think something is within reach, or, if something is being "spoken" into your heart, it's worth searching for. Have the faith to search and seek it out. Be the blessing you were made to be!!!
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